We sat down with Asia Lounges founder, Simon Dussart, to discuss our design inspirations and jewelry-making processes.

Asia Lounges: First of all, thank you Gonzague for meeting us today. Tell us who you are? What is your Background?

Gonzague Zurstrassen: I m a Belgian national passionate about gemstones and art in general, after graduating in 1996 from the Hoge Raad of Diamant in Antwerp (H.R.D.). I met Fred Mouawad in Geneva, Switzerland, and moved to Bangkok where he was based at the time.

Following my arrival in Thailand with the Mouawad group in 1996, I have learned most of what I now know. For 14 years I traveled the world on their behalf before returning, in 2003 to Bangkok. It gave me the opportunity to discover and live in places as diverse as Buenos Aires, Geneva, Antwerp, L.A. and Bangkok. My work with the family and this amazing lifestyle forged, to an extent, the world that comes out as my jewelry since 2009. My creations are available either through my exclusive retail venues in Soneva Jani and Soneva Fushi in the Maldives, and Soneva Kiri or Rayavadee Resort n Thailand as well as on order.

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