The G. Zurstrassen Collection – Beauty with Conscience

I was born in Belgium and graduated from the Hoge Raad voor Diamant (HRD) in Antwerp, and I am a certified gemologist. In 1996 I relocated to Bangkok, Thailand to join the entrepreneur Fred Mouawad and his family, buying and selling important gems for the House of Mouawad, as well as for other dealers and jewelers across the globe. I gradually became more involved in the manufacturing side of the family’s business, working on a wide variety of partnership projects such as the million-dollar Victoria Secret Bras, the Heidi Klum Diamond Collection, Nicole Richie, Andrea Liberman, as well as other famous celebrities.

After 14 years with the House of Mouawad, I decided to chart my own path and create my very own pieces, developing my brand along the way.  

Each piece has a story and a piece of my soul

A high point along my journey was entering into a partnership with the Soneva group 12 years ago, and the exquisite Soneva Fushi is the home of our galleria. Their brand ethos around a slow life philosophy has been deeply inspirational for me, and each of my creations reflects this soulfulness.

Materials sourced with a conscience

In my career spanning 25 years, I have developed a wide, global network of suppliers which allows me to source stones and materials from people I personally know, like, and trust. It is incredibly important to me that materials are sourced with a conscience as I believe that each element carries with it both energy and a soul, which comprises the DNA of each piece.

Organic shapes, hidden messages and symbolism all related to nature

My design aesthetic reflects the connection of organic shapes, hidden messages and symbolism mostly influenced by nature. My inspiration comes from being curious and from having a mind that simply can ́t stop traveling. The simplest of ideas can easily become an obsession, relentless until I have completed it and can turn my mind to something else and then the cycle begins again. Perpetual motion and never-ending inspiration.

In addition to my own creations, I also do special commissions from the very classic to more arty pieces.

Gonzague splits his time between Thailand and the Maldives.